3 Reasons to Take your Students on an Educational Trip Abroad
16.03.2013 00:02
An educational trip abroad can enrich your students’ learning experience in countless ways – and we’re highlighting three big ones today! By planning an education abroad trip, you can positively impact your students’ lives in the following ways:

Provide academic insight

An education abroad trip will acquaint your students with academic material in a more hands-on and memorable way! Additionally, foreign language students can practice language skills through immersion. You can tailor your trip to coincide with or supplement specific class goals and learning outcomes.

Encourage personal development

Contact with other cultures encourages personal development and could change the way your students fundamentally think about the world. Students learn key skills such as leadership, self-reliance, and self-esteem, and by gaining personal insight into other cultures, learn to practice tolerance and understanding.

Increase global awareness

Traveling abroad with students encourages them to dedicate a portion of their lives to global awareness. Many student travelers return to form clubs dedicated to global community-building at their schools, plan additional trips abroad for themselves and their peers, and consider studying international relations in college and beyond.
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